Firebase vs. AWS: Which to Choose For Your Project in 2022

Cloud computing is an on-demand computing service that contains data storage and computing power without the user’s direct active engagement. The demand for cloud computing is increasing daily, and every company wants to migrate its project to the cloud or start a new project in the cloud.

The demand for serverless computing is also increasing, and two leading players are AWS Lambda and Google Firebase. Let’s see Firebase vs. AWS difference but before we compare, let’s see what serverless architecture is and how it changes the computing world.

If you compare GCP vs. AWS, it will include all the functionalities and services that need to be reached. But in this article, we are only comparing Firebase and GCP, which will not have all the cloud services; it will only include real-time services provided by both platforms.

What is Serverless Architecture

A regular server usually emphasizes a single server that must be supported in-house and other various codebase responsibilities. 

Serverless architecture is a microservice architecture, meaning you can build your infrastructure from various cloud elements and send them to managed servers, In this case, either to AWS or Google Firebase, who will run your code for you whenever an event triggers it.

AWS Lambda vs. Firebase cloud functions only use the resources when it needs to. Going serverless is that each function has its responsibility, and none of it flops, which makes things cleaner. Let’s see what Firebase vs. AWS and its serverless services are.

What is Firebase

Firebase is a group of tools you can use to build, improve, and grow your application. Firebase provides some ready-made services to the developers, which developers time to make it. Firebase lets you focus on the critical app experience.

Google Firebase provides a real-time database, user authentication, crashlytics, file storage, cloud store, analytics, and push messaging.  These services are hosted in the cloud and scale with little to no effort on the developer’s part.

You can call Firebase a Platform as a Service(PaaS) or Backend as a Service(BaaS).

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What is Firebase Realtime Database

Firebase Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted database. Data is stored as JSON documents and synchronized in real-time to every connected client. Firebase does not use HTTP requests for communication between client and server; the Realtime Database uses data synchronization. Every time the data changes, any connected device receives that update within milliseconds. That is how fast it is.

Firebase apps remain active even when offline because the Firebase Realtime Database SDK perseveres your data to disk. So if you accidently go offline, your data still saves in the local, and it will fetch from that.

Advantages of Firebase

  1. Firebase is a real-time database service that can be available offline. Once connected to the internet, the client device receives any missed changes, synchronizing it with the current server state.
  2. You can directly access the Firebase Realtime Database from a mobile device or web browser; there’s no need for an application server.
  3. With Firebase Realtime Database on the Blaze pricing plan, you can support your app’s data needs at scale by splitting your data across multiple database instances.

What is AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most extensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 180+ fully-featured services from data centers globally. AWS is a frontrunner to other cloud computing platforms, such as Microsoft Azure’s competitor.

AWS is created from so many different cloud computing products and services. AWS provisions include servers, storage, networking, remote computing, AI / ML Service, Chatbot service, Alexa voice assistant,  email, mobile development, and security.

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What is AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a compute service that lets you run code without providing or managing servers. Instead, the Lambda runs your code only when required and scales automatically, from a few requests per day to thousands of requests per second. Lambda uses serverless architecture.

You can run code for virtually any application or back-end service with Lambda, all with zero administration.

Advantages of AWS

  1. AWS provides the best security for your enterprise applications, and it is reliable.
  2. AWS has no limits in terms of providing computing power.
  3. AWS provides speed and agility.

Firebase vs. AWS: Complete Comparison in 2022

Firebase AWS
Market Segment Firebase has 68% of the market share in small industries. AWS has a 52% market share in the enterprise industries.
Free Tier Firebase uses the Freemium model to provide free services up to some quota, then they will charge for that. AWS provides some services for the trial period.
Serverless Service Firebase provides real-time database service and cloud functions. AWS provides AWS Lambda service for serverless computing.
Service category Firebase can be called PaaS or BaaS. AWS is a combination of PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS.
Providers Google, LLC provides a Firebase., INC provides AWS.
Target development Firebase is explicitly designed for Android and iOS mobile development. AWS is designed for servers, infrastructure, machine learning, storage, and web services.
Types of Projects Firebase is useful when the project size is small to medium. You can use AWS for small, medium, large, and enterprise-level applications.
Different services Firebase provides user authentication, crashlytics, cloud storage, push messaging, real-time database, etc. AWS provides 150+ services, including EC2 instance, S3 storage, AI / ML service, Aurora database, AWS Lambda, cloud front, and 100 more.
Programming Languages Android, iOS, JavaScript, Java, PHP, C, C++ JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Python, R, C#

Based on these points, you can see that AWS is a package for everything you need to transform your business into digital. Still, Firebase has advantages like real-time database service, analytics service, cloud store, push messaging, etc., for mobile development.

That is for Firebase vs. AWS Full comparison 2022, and I hope you enjoyed this article; for your next project, you can choose the best fit for your project.

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