Google Bigtable vs Amazon DynamoDB 

Google Bigtable vs Amazon DynamoDB

DynamoDb and BigTable are suggested for low latency access use cases. Both are from query-driven database families requiring you to define schema and primary keys based on query patterns. Google Bigtable and Amazon DynamoDB belong to NoSQL Database as a Service category of the tech stack. Not sure which option is better for your needs: Google … Read more

AWS Secrets Manager vs AWS Parameter Store

AWS Secrets Manager vs AWS Parameter Store

Numerous programs communicate with internal or external systems, including databases and REST APIs. A secret, such as an API key, username, password, or certificate, is typically used to authenticate your program when communicating with another system. This raises the issue of securely providing our program access using the secrets. AWS Secrets Manager and Parameter Store … Read more

Google Bigquery vs Azure Synapse : Which One Should You Choose

Google Bigquery vs Azure Synapse

Google BigQuery and Microsoft Azure Synapse are two famous Cloud Data Warehouse platforms that share common features, including Columnar Storage and MPP(Massively Parallel Processing) architecture. Here, we will see a detailed comparison between BigQuery and Synapse. What is BigQuery? BigQuery is a fully managed and serverless data warehouse service by Google that allows you to collect data on a large … Read more

Google BigQuery vs AWS Athena : Architecture, Performance,Security, and Price

Google BigQuery vs AWS Athena

While storing data, serverless offerings are becoming increasingly popular. Going serverless lowers deployment, operational, and scaling costs, making it easy to manage resources. Amazon and Google designed excellent serverless database services: Google BigQuery and Amazon Athena. Both are good options for data analysis. In this article, we’ll go over BigQuery and Athena’s differences. What is … Read more

Snowflake vs BigQuery: Which Cloud Data Warehouse is Right in 2022

Snowflake vs BigQuery

Since the 1980s, the notion of a data warehouse has developed and evolved considerably. Data warehousing has become a unique field due to the corporate world’s rising problems and complexities. It has resulted in improved technology and more stringent data processing. Data warehouses were started with the initial goal of allowing businesses to keep an … Read more

GCP vs Azure Comparison: Which Cloud is better in 2022

GCP vs Azure Comparison - Which Cloud is better in 2022

Although AWS is now the industry leader in the cloud computing market, Google Cloud Platform(GCP) and Microsoft Azure are expanding faster to compete with AWS. With its strong concentration on the enterprise, Microsoft, in particular, is hot on AWS’s tail, and it is the second most used cloud platform. Meanwhile, Google’s footprints continuously grow by … Read more

DigitalOcean vs AWS: Which Cloud Server is Better in 2022

DigitalOcean vs AWS - Which Cloud Server is Better in 2022

Cloud computing is the remote delivery of IT services over the Internet, such as computing, storage, database, software, security, networking, and analytics. Cloud computing offers more flexibility, scalability, and security over on-premises infrastructure. There are many popular cloud providers in the market, and two of them are – AWS and DigitalOcean.  DigitalOcean mainly focuses on … Read more